French indie studio focused on feeding Windows ecosystem with highly engaging content and user-experiences. We are committed to tailor games where uncluttered design is dedicated to amazing and addictive gameplay. Last two years we gained a solid reputation on the store – especially French one – and our games are top ranked and featured on a regular basis. We leverage a wide scope of skills – from art conception to hands-on .NET and Unity3d oriented development – to deliver multiple form factors content. To sum it up we are skilled and we are sharpened. We build beautiful applications. Tailored for you. Period.


Welcome in KAKURASU world, a place where uncluttered tile-based design is dedicated to challenging and addictive gameplay.

With only mental arithmetic and deduction for weapons, master these lovely crafted puzzles.
In KAKURASU world, all is about properly filling a board to satisfy given targets.
Start your journey with easy-peasy levels then sharpen your mind facing highest ones and so called hidden mode…
Funny achievement system rewards your progression and keeps you focused on training your brain.

Microsoft Windows Games Developer Contest 2015 edition
Honorable mention award: top 13 over 250+ games

Are you ready for a new terrific point scoring puzzle?
Say hello to 555! 5lide, 5tack & 5core!
A place where strategy & luck are intertwined and
where you can only leverage your skills to score.

Best WP version of 2048. Tailored for you. Period.
Uncluttered tile-based design dedicated to amazing and addictive gameplay.
❄ Simply swipe over the board to move tiles
❄ When 2 tiles sharing the same number collide they merge
❄ Keep the pedal to the metal until you reach da 2048 tile

G companion

Keep in touch with latest video games news using G companion.
Leverages french prime web site to daily feed you with news, tests, tips & movies
through smart & modern interface.

Uncluttered tile-based design dedicated to challenging and addictive gameplay.

As a meeting point of KenKen & memory exercise you can only leverage your sleeping skills:
⚔ Mental arithmetic
⚔ Deduction
⚔ Visual memory

4 tiles 1 word
Uncluttered tile-based design for this challenging game wich will rack your brain!

Will you find the FRENCH word hidden behind each 4 tiles group?
Some riddle will be obvious, others will be steeper that you can imagine.
Borrow your friend's neurons if you are stuck or
challenge them by sharing your progress and
be the first one to master the 175 levels!

Chibi matches

Chibi Matches, a beautiful chibi memory card game:
4 amazing decks staging lovely chibi characters.
3 different board sizes to fit your level.
2 different game mode: match up either pair or trio cards.
1 must-have game!!!